Yackity Yack family board game

Yackity Yack

Old fashioned family time fun ~ the kind your kids will remember for a lifetime. Creates laughter-filled conversation and players win real treats or real chores! Take a break from TV and computer games because nothing is more important than family!

Yackity Yack is the best thing to happen to families since the kitchen table! Ideal for all families with children 5 to 16. A perfect family gift!

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Yackity Yack

The perfect Holiday gift for every family!

As far as we know this is the only board game designed specifically for the whole family to play! And it really is the perfect board game for every family - traditional, blended, single parent - every family will find laughter, good times and amazing conversation when they play Yackity Yack! You will always remember the good times of playing board games on the kitchen table when you were a child. Create the same wonderful memories for your children! Here is a family board game so unique, so much fun, that your kids will beg you to play. Here is how it's played...Gather the whole family around the Yackity Yack game and decide how long you want to play - usually an hour or so. This is an ideal feature because you can time the end of the game to match the kids bedtime!

Pick someone to go first and have them throw the dice. (Let little children show you how they can count!) When the player lands on a purple square they pick up a Share Card and finish the sentence on it. (Young children may need a little help.) "One thing I like about school is..." and "My favorite holiday was when we..." are just two of the statements designed to lead the family into fascinating and fun conversation. Parents constantly tell us how much they learn about their children from playing Yackity Yack! Let the conversation flow as long as there is interest! Then go on to the next player.

When a player lands on a red square, they can hand the Share Card to another player. This encourages family members to seek out thoughts and ideas from each other. If your child gets the card reading "I've always wanted to..." they may well hand it to you just to see what you'll say. Again - enjoy the conversation!

These Share Cards cover all kinds of topics - school, friendships, values, work, feelings, dreams, holidays - and you can even create your own topics!

Kids always want to know how to win! And that is where the Bonus Cards come in. Each Bonus Card is either a treat like "breakfast in bed this Saturday" and "one hour alone with Mom to do whatever you want" - or a chore like "doing dishes three nights in a row" and "help clean the insided of the car."

You get a Bonus Card when you land on the bonus squares but before you read what is on it, you have to decide whether to keep it (you might keep a chore) or give it away (you might give away a treat)! This creates great fun as kids try to decide what to do.

At the end of the game the Bonus Cards are recorded on a special pad and posted on the fridge with magnetic 'Yackity Yacks'. Each bonus leads to even more family fun!

Kids want to play Yackity Yack so frequently we had to put in a new "rule" that the Bonus Cards had to be completed before the family could play again! That is the sign of a fabulous game!

Become a Yackity Yack family today! Buy several at this low price and - presto - your Holiday shopping is done!

While supplies last...SAVE 40%! Yackity Yack only $20





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