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Sample Newsletter

Unfortunately the last thing to change will be how we think.

There are books about it. Uncountable blogs. Even a movie.  And a whole bunch of ‘woo-woo’ folks discussing it in very dramatic terms. You’ve heard it - the end of the Mayan calendar and all that. I’m talking aboutThe Shift.

In fact I was driving up to Phoenix from Mexico listening to a CD from an enlightened thinker named Gregg Braden. The man freaks me out. But I couldn’t stop listening and would do most anything to be half as smart.  He’s talking about how dramatically the magnetic poles are shifting with major airports like Minneapolis having to re-number their runways because the number is dictated by where magnetic north is and north keeps changing. And then Braden starts
talking about the frequency with which the earth vibrates.
The earth itself vibrates at a frequency of approximately 7.8 Hertz (7.8 vibrations per second) or what is called the Schumann Resonating Frequency, named after physicist Winfried Schumann who figured it out mathematically in 1952.  At least it used to and has for pretty well for all of recorded history.  Not any more. It’s now generally around 11.2 and has been recorded as high as 14. That’s like having your resting pulse rate go from 60 to 102 and staying there! Wouldn’t that be some kind of signal to you? 

“At the same time,” says one science blog, “the field strength of Earth's gravity is dropping at an alarming rate. The inner core of the earth has also displaced itself from the angle of rotation of the earth's crust-crustal displacement. The sun's own magnetic north and south is no longer detectable and hasn’t been since 1995.” 
Interesting...but give me a break. Remember the Y2K scare? Nothing appened!
Braden carries on. We should soon be seeing an exponential increase in earthquakes, he says. Now that got my attention; after all, there’s been a major quake almost every week recently and apparently a lot more to come. “How old is this CD?” I asked my wife. “Recorded in 1998” she answered.
This guy Braden is prophetic. What I didn’t know is that there was a 7.2 quake in Mexico that very day, scary close to the condo we’d just left. Another one in China this week.  This “shift” is changing our bodies too. We are of the earth and don’t simply walk on it. The rhythm of the earth cannot change without our physical rhythm changing. Watch for a surge in how many health-related items you hear about on the news over the next while. Indeed, is there anything that hasn’t been shaken off its axis over the last couple of years? Aren’t we scrambling to find ‘new rules’ for almost every aspect of life?  Education. Politics. Religion. Safety. Health. Commerce.
Here’s the tragedy... 

And it’s of epic proportions. The only thing that seems unmoved with all this going on around us is how we think. The last thing to ‘shift’ is our mindset! 
Nowhere is this more tragic than in organizational leadership. Science is giving us mind-blowing discoveries almost by the hour and yet many of our businesses plod on in the same old bureaucratic, self-defeating, fear-driven way they have for over a hundred years. We will never change our circumstances without changing how we think. 
I cling to the belief that somewhere deep down our soul is a knowing that we must find a new way, a new understanding of how the universe works. Failing to do so condemns us to eternal irrelevancy. The big hurdle is that we’re looking for something we’ve not seen before. (Actually we have but don’t know it.)  
Leaders turn in hope to consultants and experts but most of us are stuck too and we keep force-feeding our clients the old prescriptive ways as if doing more of what we’ve always done will change things. 
On a personal note, it’s been quite a while since I’ve sent one of these newsletters out. That’s because I’ve been shifting and it hasn’t been easy.  Here’s where I’ve ended far. I know for sure that the old Newtonian model of cause and effect (or what I’ve been calling the “mechanistic” focus) has very limited value when it comes to fulfilling our highest possibilities. Newton is dead and gone. 

And here’s the awareness that’s almost killed me too. Having “purpose” and “vision” isn’t enough either. I used to think purpose drove everything but I was wrong. Purpose is vital but it’s not the top of the mountain I thought it was; it’s only half way up. That is hard to admit after all these years.  Where I’m going is to the energetic or quantum level. I’m exploring how energy holds the entire natural universe together enabling it to reach it’s highest potential.

The challenge has been to translate those principles into new ways to think about leadership, sales performance, transformation and so on. Organizations who learn to think this way and apply these principles will be shaken to their core. That's because one of the greatest shifts of all is to see our workplaces (and our lives) as living organisms not as structured organizations.

In the chore of managing an organization we exhaust ourselves trying to "make" desired behaviors and outcomes happen. Leading within an organism is a matter of "allowing" things to happen. You can't even imagine the difference. More and more organizations are looking for ways to make a "quantum leap." By this they typically mean exponential and dramatic increases in profitability, market share, innovation, etc.

You cannot make that kind of transformation happen. The good news is that a quantum leap is ready to unleash within your organization the moment circumstances allow it.

If you and your executive team are fed up with bureaucratic futility, exhausting incremental change and have started talking about quantum leaps and transformation please call me. I can help you significantly and you will be thrilled at how quickly your circumstances will transform. In fact future issues of this newsletter will be on this very subject.

On the other hand if you’re dedicated to keeping things stabilized and under control this newsletter won’t be of much help. That’s because I think the primary job of leadership is to constructively disrupt, disturb and dislodge; to create a spiritual earthquake of seismic proportions. It’s to set people free to release their energy on the planet.
I hope you’ll stay with me as we explore the role and impact of energy on the performance and profitability of your organism where you work.

It's not just about purpose any more! Look for this new banner called The Infinite Possibilities Initiative.

Energetically until next time,


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