Ian Percy keynote presentation

Your event goals are exceeded by Ian's enticing and thought-provoking keynote presentation. Ian guides your audience to see their "Infinite Possibilities."

While Ian is a respected expert in the areas of high performance leadership and change strategy, he customizes every keynote based on your event goals. Following discussion with you he'll create a presentation with mind-stretching insight, uplifting inspiration and engaging humor that'll be right on target.

The following are sample descriptions of Ian's presentations.

Thinking Without a Box!
applying quantum principles
for greater
performance and profitability

95% of the problems faced by
organizations result from self-inflicted
Exactly the right blend of insight and inspiration
This startling conclusion is the result
of over 30 years of work with senior corporate
executives around the world. Change how you
however, and you can create system-wide change almost overnight.

That's the energizing promise from one of the
most mind-stretching and entertaining

business speakers in the world today.
Ian Percy
takes five key principles from
quantum physics and shows leaders how to
use them
to transform their organization with dramatic results.

If we understood how computers worked we'd get a lot more value from them. Likewise when we understand even a little about how the
universe works we can create exponentially
greater employee engagement, inexhaustible passion, breakthrough innovation, customer-focused performance and sustainable profitability. And all this with the application of only five quantum principles.

  • The principle of Infinite Possibilities demonstrates that often failure is caused by goals being set too low and that we can make our highest visions a profitable reality.
  • The principle of It's All One Thing eliminates turf wars and business units causing problems for each other, creating true synergy instead.
  • The principle of Corporate Mind enables an organization to access all its mind power for breakthrough innovations and sustainable engagement.
  • The principle of Common Intention ensures that all are focused on the same outcome, dramatically increasing the likelihood of a new reality.
  • The principle of Subconscious Rule through which we can eliminate self-sabotage because sub-conscious beliefs are in alignment with conscious
    desires. Contact Ian about this program.


Lighting a Fire in Your Fireplace: rekindling the corporate spirit

Ian encourages audiences to higher levels of purpose, passion & performanceIn the usual chaos of change - whether from mergers, re-engineering or crises - the human spirit takes quite a beating. This session helps you to 'light the fire' and restore purpose, passion, and performance throughout the organization. Without this spirit that drives all human behavior, all the emphasis on structure, strategies and systems will be to no avail.

If you want your audience on fire - this is the presentation you're looking for. Contact Ian about this program

Success in the Age of Disengagement: how to create unassailable loyalty from both employees and customers

"Engagement" is the new jargon for loyalty and
commitment. TheFew speakers engage an audience like Ian Percy frightening thing is there's not
much of it to be found anywhere. The accumulative effect of 9/11, endless corporate scandals, botched hurricane relief, and general lack of national confidence has produced The Age of Disengagement. People are focused only on 'looking out for themselves'. To a large extent it's taken the fun out of work and is creating enormous economic loss.

The good news is people really want to be engaged! This program explains what it will take to restore our organizations to a point where employee and customer loyalty are unassailable. Contact Ian about this program

The Profitable Power of Purpose

Ian says Peak Purpose = Peak ProfitabilityA highly defined "Purpose" has been behind every true mark of progress and success since the beginning of time. So why, when it comes to discussing the corporate "vision" and "mission" do people fall into a deep sleep? The reason is that many still don't 'get it'. Maybe if we realized that Purpose has a direct impact on the bottom line we'd show a little more enthusiasm!

In this challenging and humor-filled presentation people learn what it means to have a higher purpose - a Peak Purpose™ - a vision so powerful it moves the organization to peak passion, performance and especially Peak Profitability. Contact Ian about this program

From Information to Wisdom: the greatest leadership challenge of this century

Ian customizes every keynote presentation to meet your event goalsOne thing we all agree on is that we have enough information! The challenge is what to do with it - and that's where wisdom comes in. Unfortunately we don't talk about wisdom much, almost like it's beyond reach. Yet wisdom is the rarest and most needed resource in the corporate world today.

This presentation is ideal for senior leaders as it challenges them to dramatically change how they spend their time. It is the rare executive who has the time to simply think, reflect and determine the wisest course of action. This thinking time is not a luxury, it is essential to any successful enterprise.
Contact Ian about this program

Other Presentation Titles...

Think...or Tank: how changing how you think will make you the industry leader!
(Ian turns insights from current brain research into vital lessons for today's thinking leader!)

The 11 Commandments for an Enthusiastic Team
(This the ultimate team-building presentation!)

Pssst...wanna rattle some competitor's windows? How to turbo-charge your sales performance!
(Ideal for sales incentive events!)

Looking for 'Best Practice' may not be the best practice!
(This is a provocative presentation on the real secrets of innovative organizations.)

Ian is known as a 'high content' speaker...but don't equate that with being dull and unentertaining! As you'll discover by following this link, he wasn't inducted into two Speaker Halls of Fame and declared "One of the top 21 speakers for the 21st century" by being dull. The depth of his message and his presence on the platform will empower your audience to recognize just how immense and rewarding the opportunities before them are and how they have the power to act on them.

Call Georgia Percy and ask her to hold
your conference dates without obligation.

Need a lot more than a keynote?

Revenues been flat and profits down?
Found yourself using the phrase 'under the circumstances' a lot?
Tired of the lack of passion and innovation from the leadership team?
Customers have a one-track mind focused only on price?
Employees hunkered down in their own little silos?

Spending more time finding ways to cut costs than ways to increase revenue?

Visit the website and then Call Ian Percy while you're thinking about it and have a conversation about your situation and what the Infinte Possibilities Initiative can do for you.

call 480-502-3898


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