What Senior Leaders Say

Ian came highly recommended and we had no reservations in securing him to help the company transition through several major changes. A culture change was necessary to facilitate the new strategic direction of the organization…a cultural change both within our organization and with our distributors.

Ian helped us tremendously on this front and worked closely with my Executive Management Committee on leadership, teambuilding and how to align their leadership skills with the strategic direction of the company. I’ve personally found Ian’s casual, warm and entertaining style overwhelmingly successful. He has a sound approach to developing programs with key objectives in mind, and is highly successful in meeting his deliverables. I’d recommend Ian highly to other companies looking for someone who can build strong teamwork in an organization.
George A. Foegele, President & CEO, Transamerica (Canada)

I was president and CEO of Aetna International and was looking for a professional to help my group become a high-performing ‘out of the box’ executive team. Enter Ian with his wickedly irreverent and captivating style. With humor and finality he poked fun at a number of our entrenched beliefs and exposed the inconsistencies and shortfalls that commonly dog management decisions.

What Ian brought to my understanding of the responsibility of leadership is the recognition that you don’t earn the right to lead because you have an impressive title. You earn the right to lead by modeling leadership in a way that is indeed spiritual, persuasive and inspirational. Ian brings home the truth that there is no organizational transformation until there is serious personal transformation.
Mike Stephen, former Chairman, Aetna International

I have never seen the total audience embrace a speaker as they did you.
J. Ferguson, Promus Hotel Corporation

You held an entire room of 1,200 Association leaders totally captivated! That is a rare gift indeed.”
Laura Missitzis, National Association of Realtors

This is a time of tremendous opportunity for the United States and the world. We are in a position to achieve great success economically. Essentially it is a challenge of leadership. Our times call not for the kind of leadership based on scientific formula, but for leadership that demonstrates a power of spirit. Something that comes from the gut, the heart. It is intuitive leadership, as Ian suggests, that tells you how and when to seize the opportunity.

I buy Ian’s idea that the gift of leadership flows through us. A position can only give you the opportunity to do something great. It is up to you as a leader to take advantage of the opportunities provided to you. It’s opportunity that gives the power.
Jon Madonna, former Vice Chair, Travelers Group and former Chairman KPMG International

Ian, your talk was superb. Everyone was impressed with your insights and ability to express yourself on difficult issues so that everyone was able to easily understand. You’ve made a significant contribution to our culture.
Larry Pike, Chairman, Union Central Insurance

You inspired our audience and touched their sensitivity like no others. You taught us how to recapture our spirit. You exceeded my expectations by an order of magnitude – and I already had high expectations.
Dr. Richard Shinar, PCS HealthSystems

You were fantastic – my hero! Thank you for the energy and insights, the session was extremely well received!
Joe Austin, COO, Microsoft Services Worldwide

I have never seen such a dramatic and refreshing response from this client in my entire history of working with them. You achieved something I didn’t think could be done. You replaced the fear I have witnessed with love and hope.
Cindy Williamson, Meeting Planner, Coopers & Williamson

Thank you! Thank you! How can I express my gratitude to you? Through your inspiring teaching and coaching you led us through an exploration of what it means to participate in life. Not only did you help shock us into a new awareness, you did it with laughter, love and insight.
Kay Lowries, Director of Marketing, Royal Trust

Ian’s challenge to (the Board of Directors) was to remember that out beyond success, either personal or business, is being meaningful and significant to others. That workshop probably stimulated more comment and more positive response than any other we have had in recent years. I’ve found myself wishing I had kept count of the remarks made to me following his presentation, confirming he had succeeded in touching us at a truly genuine level.
C. T. Fredrickson, formerly President, AgriBank

Just a note of appreciation for your excellent presentation at our President’s Council meeting. It’s been a long time and many meetings have passed since I’ve witnessed virtually everyone in attendance stand in line to shake the speaker’s hand. Obviously your message hit home.
R. J. Guilday, Vice-President & Director, Scotia McLeod

Thank you for sharing your insights and excellent facilitation skills with us at our retreat. Your personal style, combined with a touch of humor made a striking impact. Consensus indicates the day was extremely uplifting for individuals and the team as a whole. You have stimulated us to ‘move our markers to new heights’.
Karen Regier, University Hospital

You did a wonderful job keeping our group’s absolute attention for almost three hours. You certainly touched everyone; your message was provocative, humorous and above all relevant.
Joe Scott, Vice-President, Manulife Financial

Thank you for the outstanding day you facilitated at our Leadership Summit. The day was extremely valuable to all the participants on a professional and personal level. This is the third opportunity we’ve had to work together and you continually surpass expectations. You are a delight to work with.
Lynda Somerton, Vice-President, Telus Mobility

Thank you for sharing your message at the Avera Health Leadership Conference. Various facets of health care have experienced many challenges and changes over the past few years and your comments were very applicable and much appreciated.

Thank you too for taking the time to get to know Avera Health prior to your presentation.
John T. Porter, President/CEO Avera Health

Thank you for the quality of presentation our dealers witnessed. I honestly cannot recall when one of our keynote speakers has received a standing ovation. Before you had finished, the doorways were jammed with staff eager to hear something so refreshing. My thanks. We will see you again.
Al Nash, Retail Development Manager, Home Hardware Stores, Ltd.

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