How to Hose Down a Burning Bush

In attempting to understand and take advantage of the quantum universe you’ve got to develop technique. You need a system.

You don’t actually have to understand string theory or know how many angels fit into a quark or anything – it can be much simpler than that. I’m thinking along the lines of divine signage. For example if you see three different red Ferrari F430s in an eight hour period that’s the universe indicating you should have one. That’s a sign. Now how the universe intends you to pay for it is where we get into advanced levels of understanding and I don’t think you’re ready for that. As soon as I pay off my 2002 Camry, however, I’ll be sharing that prosperity secret with faithful readers.

You’re driving along thinking about cookie dough ice cream and ‘wham!’ right in front of you appears a Cold Stone Creamery. That’s a sign. Don’t fight it.

It’s all about signs. You’ve got to look for signs.

While I’m kidding about the Ferrari and the ice cream (sort of) I’m not kidding about signs. I believe that from the moment you became a living entity, the universe began a life-long commitment to reach you. Every discovery, struggle, victory, relationship, happenchance – every experience – throughout your entire life contains vital direction, affirmation and energy specifically for you.

Now it’s not always a dramatic ‘burning bush’ experience; in fact it rarely is. And given the way so many people blindly and purposelessly stumble their way through life, if they did come across a talking burning bush, they’d probably turn a hose on it. Truth is we all do much the same thing many times a day by closing our eyes and ears to the signs sent to us.

The first and most important role of these divine signs is to reveal your destiny. If you lack a higher purpose you are, by default, incapable of seeing other supplementary signs. First find purpose. Higher purpose or destiny is revealed primarily through the sign of restlessness. Those who’ve read Going Deep or The Seven Secrets to a Life of Meaning know my thought that what irritates or makes us restless about the world is actually our destiny calling us. Some of us identify that restlessness at four years old, some at forty and some never. But what makes you restless is a sign. Are you restless because all you want to do is create music? Are you restless because you see so many kids growing up with no one to point them to the mountain top? Are you restless because a disease has hurt your family?

This last week alone three very successful people told me they’re restless about their work. That’s a sign that its time to do what you’re doing in a different way. Or maybe to do something else, to re-invent yourself, to adjust to a purpose or project the universe wants to give you. Don’t swim against the restlessness, swim with it. You’re about to be swept into the Flow. Those experiences are signs.

What do you want or want to do right now? Never say you don’t know. The universe doesn’t like that kind of whining. At the very least you say, “I want to know what I’m meant to do right now.” Start every day planting that expectation in your mind. Give your mind the assignment to look for signs that will point the way there. “Just put it out there!” is the way a friend of mine puts it.

Now just go through your day and look for signs.

When I went through my 137th re-invention and started Transformational Executive Events* I just ‘put it out there’. Then the signs started to appear and they haven’t stopped. I met my colleague Robert Poulton when I spoke at a conference in Merida, Mexico. Told my idea to Betsy Wiersma in Denver and she wanted to help because it fit what she was looking for. Connected with a couple of brilliant guys named John Assaraf and Murray Smith doing similar work because my wife Georgia heard one of them speak and said it was a sign. Other signs led me to new clients, other people who might become part of the program and amazing new venues where we can create transformational experiences. It’s incredible what’s happening.

I’m about to get into a phenomenal new project with a guy I met only a short time ago. Russell’s office is near where I get my videos reproduced and my video guy thought I should meet him because he’s in the event management business. Now the events he manages don’t involve speakers so, while he was a nice guy, I thought “No sign.” Then we found out we’d both bought condos right near each other on the same beach in Mexico. Okay, I thought, now we’re talking sign. What we’re going to do together has nothing to do with any of that – they were just signs pointing to what we are meant to do and without doubt it will be successful.

I just spoke at the National Speakers Association Convention. While waiting for my slot on the program I looked for signs that what I was about to say was what I was meant to say. Every speaker before me said something that confirmed there was a spiritual alignment between us all. Even the guy who gave the invocation at lunch was in alignment with what I talked about. And most of us had never met let alone discussed our plans. Those signs enabled me to make my contribution in absolute joy and confidence.

Almost as a disclaimer I'm obligated to put in a warning about abusing and selfishly twisting circumstances into 'signs'. If you do the universe will make you pay for claiming something that is not yours. For signs to work your purpose has to be for the greater good.

I have no special gifts in reading signs. We can all do it. Practice it. You might want to stop short of asking everyone you meet “Are you a sign?” but you should keep your eyes ears, mind and heart fully open. The signs are all around you and always will be.

Until next time - be purposeful!