Get A Life! (preferably your own)

Abraham Mazlow wrote; "The unhappiness, unease and unrest in the world today is caused by people living far below their capacity." I am a very busy guy so it is not me causing the unhappiness, unease and unrest out there. But Mazlow wasn't writing about being busy. Busy has nothing to do with it. Someone with the IQ of a napkin can be busy. Want to impress your boss? Walk fast with a worried look on your face. Who is going to stop you? You might be doing something important.

Who do you know who isn't incredibly busy? Everybody is in our more-with-less, lean and mean world. Like Adam of old, we are cursed with and through our work. The unrest of work is our punishment for violating or ignoring that which is spiritual. On many nights you finally head for home around 8:00. You find your supper on a plastic-wrapped plate with a note telling you to microwave it for a couple of minutes. You eat it alone. Every other Saturday you go back into work just to get caught up. Great life, eh? Exactly what is it that you're so busy doing? Or let me ask an even bigger question, "Why?" When we talk about "capacity" we are talking about getting a grip. About getting your life back. Not easy to do because most of us don't know why we gave it away in the first place. The important intention here is to get your own life back, not the one your boss or someone else has designed for you. Apart from the extra money and the corner office, do you really want a life like your boss has? There's no better life for you than your own. Reclaim it.

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