The Profitable Power of Purpose


The Profitable
Power of Purpose

No force on earth is more powerful than a passionate , clearly defined purpose! Only a Peak Purpose ™ can propel leadership, sales, teamwork, innovation, strategic planning, profitability, and competitive advantage to supernatural levels! Without purpose you just end up busy and tired!

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Going Deep, read more about this book
"An incredible gift for anyone
trying to connect joy, meaning
and spirituality with leadership...
a real treasure to read."

Monique Reece Myron,
The Denver Business Journal

More about this book

Going Deep
247 pages

This breakthrough book takes the discussion on true leadership to a whole new level. In its 3rd printing. "Sensational - applied spirituality in the workplace and beyond - a great contribution!"
Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

This book can be customized for your organization. Ask how!

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Because sometimes you need gentle spiritual guidance and sometimes...
a swift kick in the butt!

Larry Winget and Ian Percy - the most unlikely duo to ever write a book together - answer 50 vital questions about life. Chances are you will love one answer and hate the other, but either way you will hear the truth! One of the most interesting and readable books you will ever come across.

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