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Ian Percy, keynote speaker on leadership for better performance and profitability Our relationships with our Bureau and Meeting Professional partners is our most treasured asset.
The better we are able to work in real synergy,
the better off our clients will be served and our
own businesses will thrive.

Not an event goes by without Ian marveling at
the ability and patience of those who actually put these events together.

In working with Ian you'll find a cooperative and creative partner who will do all he can to accommodate those unpredictable last minute 'things' that mess up the best of plans.

Following is the information we trust will make your job easier and help generate follow-up business for us both.


You'll be hard put to find an industry or type of audience with which Ian has not had experience. In most cases he can provide references and content suggestions uniquely relevant to your client. Ian is more than willing to help craft your client presentation and to participate in a client conference call without obligation.


Ian is one of the few speakers who actually does customize every presentation. We're talking way beyond sticking the client name on the title slide! His message is so on-target that several corporations have taken the key phrases Ian composed for them and incorporated them onto their company clothing! Never will your clients feel that they're getting a warmed over recording from a motivational robot.

Professional Fees for 2012

  • For events in North America the fee is $15,000 USD plus travel and accommodation.
  • For events held in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area the fee is $10,500
    USD plus applicable expenses.
  • For events held overseas the fee is $20,000 USD plus business or first
    class expenses.
  • For engagements involving multiple days on the same contract the fee is $12,500 USD plus travel & accommodation expenses.
  • For anything unusual (EG. Cruise events or a week-long program)
    please contact us before you offer a fee quote to the client.
Special Bonus

All our engagements are considered per diem, meaning that Ian will happily conduct an additional session (EG. Keynote + Concurrent) on the same day with no increase in fee. This is often helpful in situations with a limited speaker budget in that it really gives the client 'two speakers' for the price of one! We find that about 20% of our clients take advantage of this.

Arrangements and Audio-Visual Needs

Typically Ian will have support visuals created on a PC. He always brings the slides on his own lap top as well as on a CD and/or memory stick. Ian also requires a wireless lav microphone.

We prefer to make our own travel arrangements and will itemize that cost on our invoice. Please have the client make necessary hotel arrangements and have same billed to the Master Account. A non-smoking room is essential.

Books and Conference Gifts

Ian has published six pretty good books plus several audio albums. Three titles have been particularly popular as participant gifts. If you can help us make such an arrangement we suggest a commission of 10% of the product price charged to the client.

Failing that we'd appreciate the opportunity to make relevant resources available on a 'back of room' basis. Ian is extremely sensitive to client feelings about speakers hawking their wares from the platform so neither you nor the client will ever have to worry about that happening.

One of Ian's most recent books The Profitable Power of Purpose is turning out to be the most requested conference gift. If donating a number of these books to the conference would help 'seal the deal' please get in touch with us and we will work with you to make it happen.

If you have any questions or if there is some way we can help you... Call Georgia at 480-502-3898 or georgia@ianpercy.com. For your convenience here are direct links to:


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