Ian Percy

Ian Percy is a keynote speaker and consultant who can engage your teams to focus on what is possible, release the incredible energy hidden throughout your organization, and align that energy toward your highest possibilities.

This will allow them to create a whole new reality for your organization.

Each presentation is customized for the specific situation, there is one central intention to Ian's work captured in just three words: Possibilities. Energy. Alignment. This is the three-legged stool of sustainable success in today's uncertain and fear-driven marketplace.

It'd probably also be reassuring to know that Ian Percy is one of the most acclaimed and reliable inspirational business speakers who Successful Meetings magazine declared "One of the top 21 speakers for the 21st century."


Ian works with the intention of your event, not so much from the perspective of topics. He'll discuss with you the theme of your meeting, the kind of transformation you want to see and then create a presentation that will do exactly that. There are no pre-set programs.

With both style and substance he opens minds and hearts to new possibilities. Whether the emphasis is on innovation, leadership, sales, collaboration, customer service or whatever, he helps people believe again and then turn that belief into bold and aligned behavior. "That's the energy that will take your organization to its highest possibilities," he says.

Here are recent presentation titles used by corporate clients:

Thinking Without a Box! applying quantum principles for greater performance and profitability.

From Problems to Possibilities: redefining leadership.

The Profitable Power of Purpose: how your reach determines your revenue!

Free the Chickens! how to lead people out of paralyzing fear and into productive freedom.

Alignment: the secret sauce of success.

Change Your Mind, Change Your Future!

You'll find Ian able to adapt both his message and his style to fit the situation and make your event seamless. Whether the group numbers 20 people or 20,000; whether they are in finance, technology, sales, HR or a bit of everything; whether the mood is celebratory as on an incentive trip or more sober as when the group has been through difficult circumstances...you'll find Ian 'tuning-in' to the situation in a remarkable way and providing exactly the right blend of uplifting inspiration and depth of insight you need.


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