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Ian Percy

Because sometimes you need gentle spiritual guidance and sometimes...a swift kick in the butt!


Both of these guys are in the Speakers Hall of Fame. Both have written many highly popular books. Both are internationally renowned for their dramatic impact on audiences ranging from scientists to sales professionals. But they are as different as night from day, ying from yang, ping from pong. One is known as"the pitbull of personal development™" and thinks "truth" is shaped like a 2X4 . The other is known for an uncanny ability to blend depth of insight with inspiration. One "hasn't got time for tact" while the other will take all day to help someone understand. So the question is... 

What on earth are these guys
doing together?

These two are very powerful - though very different - keynote presenters. Many who know them would consider you out of your mind to even think about putting them on your stage at the same time.

On the other hand...if you want to see an explosion of enthusiasm the likes of which you have never witnessed - you just might want to take the risk!And let's face it...some people respond best to an 'in-your-face' raw declaration of what it takes to be richly successful. Others respond best to an intellectual and spiritual exploration of what it means to experience true fulfillment in life, work and leadership. With this legendary combo - no one escapes! To book this remarkable duo - contact Keppler Associates at 703-516-4000


Linda Tarrant has worked with Ian for many years and is one of Canada's most in-demand speakers. Linda speaks on issues such as corporate relationships, life balance, change and leadership. She is also renowned as a powerful facilitative consultant and her Organizational Development work has produced amazing results. Learn more at
Ford Saeks specializing in Direct & Internet Marketing

Ford Saeks is best known for positioning people and their products & services for profit through proven marketing and innovative publicity campaigns. Specializing in Direct and Internet Marketing.

If you are looking for ways to optimize your marketing efforts, maximize your profits, and beat the competition then Ford Saeks can help you! Direct and Internet Marketing Services.

Randy Gage is one of the world's leading Direct Marketing experts. His programs on marketing and copy writing have made a huge difference to a great many people, including us. Go to and check out Randy's innovative "BreatThrough U" program. This is one of the most powerful personal mentoring programs ever developed. We recommend it highly.
Eileen McDargh is virtually unmatched in her ability to connect deeply with an audience. Her energy and enthusiasm is absolutely contagious and her insights will move your participants to a higher and better place. She is committed to strengthening leadership, helping people deal effectively with change and to having both a successful personal and work life. Eileen is based in California and her website is


  Debbie Allen Maximizing Success


Debbie Allen is 2006 the year you'll finally triple your business income and create a huge passive income stream? If so, please join me at the Maximizing Success' 'Unlimited Passive Income Summit.'

You'll meet and learn from wealth-building pros and passive income experts including Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul Co-Creator); Randy Gage (Internet Marketing Guru and Network Marketing Rock Star), Celebrity Speaker Stedman Graham and many many more.

To sign up, click here!


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