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More and more people are yearning to create huge success and profitability for their companies…and at the same time know they are doing something meaningful and exciting with their lives.

It used to be that audiences were happy to focus on one or the other so there was a 'slot' for the business speaker and another for the motivational speaker. Rarely did the two have anything to do with each other. Many of us have worked happily under that system for decades.

But there's a whole new opportunity these days for someone who can integrate the world of performance and profitability with the world of purpose and passion. There's been a lot of nasty stuff happen in the corporate world over the last while and to a large degree that's causing people in leadership to look for an integrated approach ...someone who can bring it all together particularly on a senior level. After all, if it doesn't happen there, it won't happen at all.

Ian work with leaders, primarily senior and executive leaders. That's his expertise.

What all organizations want and need are leadership teams where everyone is fully alive and committed to a Vision that will make the world a better and more rewarding place. Where innovation and inspiration flows from every corner instead of being dragged out of people. Where heads and hearts unite to tackle the most complex issues with genuine wisdom and come away more energized than they began. Where no time or energy is wasted on self-centered political games and silo-mentality. Where one can barely imagine the good fortune of working in a place like this.

If this is what your clients want as a result of their conferences or events, they can have it! Helping companies create this rare level of leadership experience is what he does. And he'd be honored to work with you.

Ian offers three options to clients looking for advanced programs on high-performance leadership.

1) The Leadership Dream Team Keynote Presentation:

A customized, content-rich and engaging presentation that motivates leaders at all levels to aim higher, build unassailable unity, inspire others to greatness, innovate with courage and aspire to wisdom. Ian reveals and explores the five essential factors common to all high performing leadership teams and shows leaders how to build and sustain a powerful Dream Team committed to the Corporate Vision.

2) The Intensive 3 Hour Executive Leadership Program:

Presented only to executive level leaders, Ian's full three hour program is amazing. It takes this time to deeply explore the specific dynamics and challenges of creating a high performing executive team. No kid gloves used here. Provocative leading-edge teaching and energizing discussion engages executives at their level and expands their horizons even further.

3) The Transformational Executive Event:

You and your client have been on executive retreats before...but not like this. Ian has studied how, when and where true breakthrough thinking occurs and what that reveals about how an executive team can literally transform the way it thinks and works. We conduct the program at one of our unique partner resorts where resources found nowhere else in the world are used to unite and ignite the team in a dramatic and powerful way.

The Five Essential Factors in Building High-Performance
Leadership Teams

An organizational psychologist, renowned business speaker and executive team coach, Ian works primarily with senior leadership. From years of high level experience working with executives in dozens of industries he's found high performance leadership to be directly dependent on five essential factors:

  • Clarity of a true Vision
  • Unassailable Unity and Collaboration
  • Contagious Passion and Inspiration
  • Courageous Innovation
  • Strategic Wisdom

All three of Ian's programs integrate these five factors in creating leadership Dream Teams throughout the organization. Obviously the length of the program determines the depth to which these essential factors are explored and applied.

The ultimate benefit to your client or company is leaders strong in vision, unity, passion, innovation and wisdom. You begin to develop leaders who almost effortlessly reach into the organization and transform individuals and teams from their current level of performance to their full potential and capability. In most organizations there is a quantum difference between those two levels and buried in that difference are economic and spiritual rewards almost beyond imagination.

When even one of these five factors is weak, the company's success and the leader's sense of fulfillment and meaning are jeopardized.

Below are links to a detailed description of each program as well as to the fee schedule.

The Leadership Dream Team Keynote Presentation
The Intensive 3 hour Executive Leadership Program
The Transformational Executive Event
2005 Fee Schedule

The Leadership Dream Team Keynote Presentation

What you get is an engaging, power-packed and content-rich 60 to 75 minutes of original insights into high performance leadership. Your audience feels empowered to 'get serious' about their leadership and to recognize just how immense and rewarding the opportunities before them are. In short, you'll have one 'turned-on' team of leaders!

Above all Ian brings a presence to the platform that invites the audience to open head and heart to what he has to say. Not many other world-class speakers make it a point to come in early enough to hear the speakers before him and remain long enough to really connect with audience members.

About Program Titles...

Actual presentation titles are created to fit the situation and to appeal to the specific audience. What he talks about are the five essentials of high performance leadership - vision, collaboration, passion/inspiration, innovation and wisdom - describing them in such an appealing way the listener is compelled to immediately apply them to their personal and professional life.

Customization is an important principle for Ian and he'll elaborate on one or more of the points depending on the event theme and what the client needs him to do. "Vision" is the most commonly asked for emphasis followed by "Collaboration" and "Inspiration." Every point leads back to leadership. Meeting planners and clients particularly appreciate the time Ian takes to understand the situation and then deliver exactly what is needed.

This approach gives you the information you need to tell the client exactly what Ian talks about and yet allows for significant customization to ensure the message is fresh and relevant.

Substance wrapped in Style

Some worry that high content speakers can send audiences into a deep sleep. Not this one! With plenty of entertainment value to keep people engaged but not so much as to detract from the message, Ian is one of the most highly regarded presenters in the professional speaking world. You aren't declared "one of the top 21 speakers for the 21st century" by Successful Meetings magazine nor are you inducted into both the US and Canadian Speaker Halls of Fame because you're dull. In fact, his unusual ability to blend high content with an entertaining style has made Ian a popular speaker at Incentive Events where clients usually want something that is both substantive and celebratory.

Ian's message will fit anywhere but is particularly effective at the beginning of your event. He sets a positive tone and arouses an upbeat energy that'll last throughout the entire conference.

Click here for a sample of Ian's keynote style and call Donna Townsend for more information or to hold dates for your client. 877-502-3898 or direct at 714-960-7417 or email donna@ianpercy.com

The Intensive 3 hour Executive Leadership Program

This 3 hour program is conducted for senior leaders only. There are so few presentations on leadership developed specifically for the senior level, which is why this one is so exceptional. Ian speaks at their level and then invites them to stretch their horizons even further. This is a point you may want to emphasize in your proposal.

So why 3 hours? Because that’s what it takes to understand, accept and begin to integrate the five key ingredients for a high performing executive leadership team. All the leadership issues won’t be resolved in three hours but they’ll sure know what it will take to resolve them. And the the team will feel a commitment to doing what it takes. And for your client, that’s a very good start.

Where this program fits

If it's a major conference, this Intensive Leadership Program makes an excellent concurrent session for senior leaders. All the other participants go off to sessions specifically for their interests, but rarely do you see a session just for senior leaders. Now you have one! Make this a unique suggestion in your proposal.

If the event is made up of organizational leaders this fits as a main platform 'mini-seminar' as well. It makes for a powerful morning session particularly.

Third, the client doesn't need to plan a conference at all. You can book Ian to be onsite at any time with little disruption to the executives working day. Often Ian has conducted a session in the morning for half the leadership team and in the afternoon for the remaining half.

The 3 hour intensive program covers:

Like the Keynote, this program will be customized to the situation. However the basic outline is as follows:

How to define a clear, energizing and courageous Corporate Vision that gives everyone something to believe in and rally around. Honestly most "visions" aren't even visions and they excite no one, not even the person who wrote it. The organization's grand statement of purpose should arouse awe and a sense of honest-to-goodness destiny. If their's doesn't do that we've got work to do.

Testing and strengthening the cohesiveness and collaboration between team members with a view to eliminating any semblance of silo mentality. Most corporate struggles are self-inflicted wounds caused by the lack of unity among leaders. It's hurting their bottom line and there's absolutely no need for it. Senior teams especially need to be able to deal with the most difficult of issues and come away more energized and unified than they began. Ian will tell them how.

Why leaders are followed because of their passion and ability to inspire others. We'll go so far as to say that if one isn't inspiring others, one isn't leading. Passion isn't some chore where managers serve employees pancakes and wear the "Come alive in '05" sweatshirt. Passion comes from the soul. It's there...it just needs permission to be visible.

The critical need for innovative thinking and action from senior leaders. This observation may hurt, but we've concluded that its not the rank and file most resistant to change...its managers, especially senior managers. Notice we didn't use the word 'leaders' there because leaders are by definition innovators. They go ahead of everyone. If the company is running around the country looking for "best practice" it is likely that innovation is one of their weak points.

Why the word 'wisdom' is rarely heard in management conversations. If they have "Management Competencies" have them take a look and see if 'wisdom' is listed. And yet if we could wish for one thing, wouldn't it be to know our decisions were truly wise? As mysterious as wisdom may be, it can be learned. Granted, the process of learning how to access the wisdom is somewhat unusual...but then so are the results!

This is how high performance executive teams are built. With these parts and in this order. No exceptions. No shortcuts.

As you can tell, no kid gloves are used here. This program involves provocative leading-edge teaching, energizing discussion and courageous choices. If your client wants senior leadership teams characterized by these five essential characteristics – this extended program will take them there.

A Bonus

Every engagement includes up to 100 copies of Ian's eye-opening book The Profitable Power of Purpose along with the companion workbook featuring the 20 Wicked Questions every leadership team needs to ask itself. Additional copies can be purchased as required.

Click here for a video of Ian describing this program and call Donna Townsend for more information or to hold dates for your client.
877-502-3898 or direct at 714-960-7417 or email donna@ianpercy.com

The Transformational Executive Event

If your client is at a point where the executive team has got to pull out all the stops - where the stakes are high and the team must come through like never before, the program you want to look at is The Transformational Executive Event. This is an executive retreat unlike any other.

Any company that's been through or is about to go through a major change like a merger, a crises or a significant re-direction is a prime candidate for this program.

Taking the same old approach to the executive retreat will produce the same tired results. Real breakthrough thinking, market-leading innovation and a renewal of team spirit seldom happens while sitting in a 'U' shape looking at each others slides. Playing group games like passing each other through rope 'spider webs' is another tired technique hardly appropriate for senior executives.

We've researched a way to break the team out of its old thinking patterns and teach it how to think differently. The result is a genuine transformation in how the team makes decisions, innovates and strategizes. Just as important is the remarkable level of unity that will develop within the team.

Like many great new ideas, this one has been right in front of us all along.

When do people discover their very best answers and ideas? It's while they aren't working at it! It's while on a morning run, walking down a fairway, hiking through a canyon, on a long country drive, enjoying some peace and quiet, in the shower - and even in sleep. In the middle of something that has nothing to do with your problem - bam - it "comes" to you! This is a universal experience.

If we can understand this simple and common phenomenon and use the same principles in creating a transformational executive event, the outcome would be literally mind-blowing. Ironically executive teams would get more high level work done by not working so hard at it.

The mind is released to its full potential by silence, beauty, pleasure, relaxation, laughter, kinetics, creativity, and our senses. Sounds like your typical strategic planning session, doesn't it?

While the client can certainly choose their own retreat location, we're partnering with one-of-a-kind destination resorts who have unique resources found nowhere else in the world - resources we use to create experiences that cause people to think differently. With his advanced skills as a facilitator Ian helps the executive team shape this thinking into fresh and innovative solutions and strategies.

Everything from nature, to therapeutic spa treatments to golf is used to generate a higher level of dialog and build team unity. Obviously there are organizations who think strategic planning should be an exhausting mind-numbing and defensive experience that maintains the status quo. This is not the program for them. It is the program for your clients who are always pressing you for something new and different - the ones who aren't afraid to go where few have gone.

Some of the destination resorts we're talking to are located in Alaska where nature is virtually untouched by humans; in the red rock canyons of Arizona, one of the most spiritual places on earth; in beautiful Lake Las Vegas, Nevada; in Ireland on one of the oldest golf courses in the world, and in the Bavarian Forest of Germany. Until we have the arrangements finalized we are hesitant to list the options. Call us, however, and we'll be happy to discuss it with you.

Other Options

Joining Ian in some venues will be Robert Poulton a genius at corporate turnarounds and solving the unsolvable. For example, Bob turned a $46 million loss into $7 million positive revenue in a space of 18 months by thinking differently. He's a student of how people think and says that fixing any business problem depends on three things:

  • How you think about your business
  • How you think about who you are and what you do
  • The thinking process you use to do what you do

Ian and Bob integrate their remarkable skills in redirecting group dynamics away from personalities, common practice and common thinking...and into optimizing creativity, innovation and community.

The 'retreat' isn't the end of it. Ongoing consultations and occasional 'refreshers' help the executive team make these new thinking processes a natural part of day to day leadership. Follow-up programs are designed specifically for each client.

Click here for a video (same video as above) of Ian describing this program and call Donna Townsend for more information or to hold dates for your client. 877-502-3898 or direct at 714-960-7417 or email donna@ianpercy.com

The 2005 Fee Schedule

Ian's fee for the Leadership Dream Team Keynote Presentation is $15,000 USD plus business class expenses from Phoenix, Arizona. If the event is held in the greater Phoenix area the fee is $10,000. If the event is overseas please contact us.

The fee for the Intensive 3 hour Executive Leadership Program is also $15,000 USD plus business class expenses from Phoenix, Arizona. If the event is held in the greater Phoenix area the fee is $10,000. For overseas engagements please contact us.

Please Note: If your client wants both of the above programs presented on the same day (EG. a keynote and a concurrent session) only one fee will apply. In essence this gives them the second program at no additional cost or the equivalent of two speakers for the price of one.

The fee for the Transformational Executive Event is determined on a case by case basis depending on location and the extent of the program. Please call to discuss the options.


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